My story


It all starts with the family that I was born into. Growing up in Thailand around my shaman grandpa taught me about the unseen world of energies.

A visit to see grandpa was not your average lunch and hugs. It was more like, "What is he going to predict for my future today?"​​

Fortune telling

I wouldn't even have to utter a single word about what I wanted to ask. He would already know, and I became addicted to what he would reveal about my future.

When I was younger, some of the things that he predicted were boys that I would date, and that I would work as a chef in Michelin star restaurants in Paris. He also saw that I would one day dedicate my life to helping others heal.

What he didn't see​ was that my biggest lessons in life would be through my heartbreaks, and that working in the kitchens in Paris would mean having a knife held to my neck. 

Working with Energy

Even if I had a physic grandpa who would warn me of events before they happened, it didn't prevent them from happening, and perhaps I even lived it out as a self fulfilling prophecy.


It wasn't until I was in a period of my life where I had many "crying-on-the floor" moments (Super juicy stories that I will tell in another time).

 I realized that I had been working against the natural flow of my life. I was always fighting to make something work, breaking down walls to make things happen. I was not listening to my inner wisdom to guide me.

In my rock-bottom moment, I decided to go within. I sat in all my pain, and journaled. That's when my own intuitive psychic abilities opened up to me.

My service

My experience has taught me how to hold others as they experience their deepest truths and emotions. I have since been accompanying people on their journeys back home to themselves and hold space for them as they become their own healers.

I integrate ancient healing wisdom traditions and incorporate my family's gifts and wisdom in my holistic healing offerings.

I work with clients from all over the world and offer my sessions no matter how many oceans and lands between us.


Reiki Master Teacher, Co-Active Coach, Vinyasa Yoga 200 RYT, Yin Yoga 100 RYT. I am grateful for my family, teachers, and mentors who have guided me to my path and continue to support me as I live out my dharma.

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