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a quiet space

for empaths to reconnect with their intuition in a loud world




Each step of the process will be a collaborative effort. This is an experiential framework that invites you to lean into your wholeness and self-trust.



  • Set the intentions for the healing journey ahead

  • Identify obstacles and use these as guidance to navigate release

  • Process your emotions with a customized somatic practice (in an accepting and non-judgmental space)

  • Release emotions through a guided & personalized technique unique to you 

  • Collaboratively translate the wisdom from the release for long term integration 

  • Create a plan for reconnection in times of need for your own self-practice


  • 3 sessions

  • 6 weeks of WhatsApp or email support


  • €900 paid in full 

Book a complimentary 30 min call to see if we're right for each other.


Maybe you’re here because you’ve noticed that your team is feeling drained, overwhelmed, and uninspired. Perhaps instead of being able to do the work that you’re passionate about, your day-to-day is taken over by trying to resolve conflicts between your co-workers.

I offer consulting that provides corporations and nonprofits with customized programs and trainings to support their long-term wellness goals for their employees.


I have experience in training executives, mental health activists, and change makers in emotional intelligence for employees of the UN, World Economic Forum,, and Amazon.

Honored with clients from

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Through our work together, concepts of 'self-love', 'self-worth' and 'self-trust' ceased to be mere concepts but real, tangible experiences."  - Kim

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