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If you're here, you may have noticed that your team is feeling drained, overwhelmed, and uninspired. This is the perfect time to find support for them to process their emotions and tend to their well-being in a safe space.

 I have experience in training mental health activists, social entrepreneurs, professionals, and coaches in emotional well-being for employees of the UN, World Economic Forum,, and Amazon.

Hosting sessions at world summits like “Safeguarding Youth Mental Health” for the WEF’s Global Shapers, and “Building with Balance” for Acumen Academy, along with hosting workshops at wellness festivals have also been meaningful to me.

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In a time of uncertainty paired with an unexpected global shift to virtual experiences, Cat cultivated an array of creative approaches to integrate wellness and pause for our sessions. One of the most sought-after sessions of our event, Cat’s guided meditations allowed all attendees to look inward and create a sense of awareness and belonging. The main benefits of the session included a renewed awareness of the importance of self-care and a call to prioritize mental health in everything we do. The chance to pause was very beneficial for participants to understand that we are all sifting through similar experiences at any given moment. I would 100% recommend Cat Lau for organizations and companies committed to balance and mental health. In addition to her expertise and experience, Cat’s personal and authentic commitment to her purpose as a healer further elevates the value of her offerings.

- Sameera Hassan, World Economic Forum


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Thank you for taking the step to care for your team's well-being. I believe in equal energy exchange and do not collaborate for free.


 If you feel aligned with my offerings, please fill out this form. I will respond by email shortly.

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