The first step in healing is harnessing the power of mindfulness to become aware of the here and now.

What are the thoughts that you are repeating in your head? What is your heart telling you? What stories have you attached yourself to?

With the help of coaching, visualizations and meditative art, we can return home to ourselves.


When we come to the present, we are faced with our truth. Being honest with yourself is honoring the wisdom within 

We often make sense of our feelings through our minds. 


Using art and movement in the process allows us to make the unseen seen.

Allowing your hands to flow across a piece of paper is allowing your intuition to speak.

Sensing and embodying the image that is revealed to you aligns you with your unshakable inner wisdom.

From this place of certainty and confidence, you can make choices that will align you with your authentic path and life purpose.

Our path is unique and our purpose may be individual, but the healing we do is both personal and collective, because none of us are well until all of us are well.


When we share our healing journey with each other, we see how our experiences and stories connect us. 

The support from your soul community can bring you back to love when you wander off your path. 

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I would recommend coaching to others because it's a good way to solve problems at its roots, through understanding yourself better." - Sara


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