E N E R G Y   H E A L I N G

The more energetically connected you are to yourself and the world, the more you will see.

Private Sessions

Reiki healing rebalances by restoring energy flow to your body. I will channel information to provide you with insights on how you can heal.


Take healing into your own handsLearn how you can heal

and support yourself and loved ones with energy.

 Only 4.6% of the universe is considered physical matter. The rest is energy.

Our body has an energy field and we are process the world through it.

While the mind stores memories, the body holds on to emotions, stress, and traumas.

With energy healing we can move and release these blocks and heal from the process.


Benefits of Reiki:​​


  • Raises the frequency of the body, and change the way cells regrow.

  • Feel lighter, relaxed, and recharged, centered, and grounded.

  • Calms nervous system

  • Improves sleep

  • Body & Mind positivity and awareness

  • Releases patterns and habits not serving you

  • Helps you to make peace with the past

  • Helps in healing chronic illnesses

  • Heals and releases traumas and fears stored in the physical body

  • Opens you up to your own spiritual journey

Details of a Session:



  • Sessions last for 2 hours

  • Includes reading of diagnosis from healing session

  • Consultation on how to make changes from new awareness to continue healing








"As a yoga teacher, I give a lot of energy and Cat's session has really helped replenish me. She is loving, intuitive and empowering. I highly recommend Cat to anyone who is looking for deep healing & rejuvenating energy work."

— Annie Au Yoga, Sri Lanka