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Mending and Weaving




Looking Inwards...


Mending is a ritual of returning to our inner world. This is a trauma-informed space for empaths to quieten the senses and activate intuition. From this space all is clear, emotions can be processed, and wisdom emerges.

Through my specialization in emotional release techniques & somatic processing practices, we will journey together into a place of inner trust, self-worth & cultivate the confidence to guide yourself home.

The Process:  Each step of the process will be a collaborative effort. This is an experiential framework that invites you to lean into your wholeness and self-trust.

  • Set the intentions for the healing journey ahead

  • Identify obstacles and use these as guidance to navigate release

  • Process your emotions with a customized somatic practice (in an accepting and non-judgmental space)

  • Release emotions through a guided & personalized technique unique to you

  • Collaboratively translate the wisdom from the release for long-term integration

  • Create a plan for reconnection in times of need for your own self-practice

ToolsEmotional release techniques, somatic processing practice

For those who want to: Connect to high self-worth, find self compassion, love, and trust and acceptance.

3 sessions • 60 minutes each

Bi-weekly private online sessions

Completed within 3-6 weeks

Access to WhatsApp or Email support in-between sessions




Bridging Relationships...

After having processed and understanding how we feel, we can start to relate consciously and communicate our needs from a wise place.

You will learn how to hold your values and boundaries while intentionally sharing and relating with someone dear to you.

The Process: This is a practical and educational framework that allows you to lean into your compassion and empathy. Before each session, you will receive some short readings to get acquainted to the tools that we will use.

  • Recall a situation objectively 

  • Connect with your emotions and see if mending is needed

  • Communicate your needs and desires wisely

  • Offer an aligned request

  • Receive their response with grace and find middle ground

  • Deepen your connection through conscious relating

Tools: holding boundaries, deep listening, intentional conversations, expressing your feelings and needs, requesting, and non violent communication.

For those who want to: rewrite relationship agreements, deepen relationship, resolve conflict, express your needs and desires from a wise place, feel at peace with your response

3 sessions • 60 minutes each

Bi-weekly private online sessions

Completed within 3-6 weeks

Access to WhatsApp or Email support in-between sessions

*Mending is a prerequisite 

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Special Gift for M+W Package

If you sign up for both Mending and Weaving you will receive an illustration by Slowfolks at the end of our journey together to remind you of your higher self.

M+W Single Session


We will mend and weave through your current situation:

Mending: Go inwards, connect with your intuition, process emotions and uncover wisdom.

Weaving: Align with your values, communicate your feelings and needs in a wise way, and cultivate empathy in your relationship.

1 session • 60 minutes 

Access to WhatsApp or Email support 1 week after our session

*You will receive reflection prompts before our session



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Through our work together, concepts of 'self-love', 'self-worth' and 'self-trust' ceased to be mere concepts but real, tangible experiences."  - Kim

How to sign up

To respect the intimacy that this work calls for, I only work with a handful of clients at a time.


If you're interested in working together please book a complimentary 30 min. call to see if we would be a good fit.

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