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Mending and Weaving

Training programs for teams to cultivate self awareness and build empathetic and conscious relationships.


I offer customized consulting, training and coaching to companies that are ready to uniquely define and embed long-term well-being into their company culture for their employees and their clients.

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Past Clients

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Past client

RAKxa Wellness


Coach and Trainer · A course to build compassionate relationships with VIP guests and offer personalized wellness programs through coaching.

100% of participants found that the course was helpful in strengthening their communication, emotional, and coaching skills.

"At a team level, Cat encouraged each team member to share their hidden talents, which created a strong and soulful team building experience; positive energy suited for the wellness industry. At a corporate level, it gave us the opportunity to reflect and rethink our missions and how to put forth our products and services to be more meaningful for our guests; A vital growth for our RAKxa team." - Wsinee Sukjaroenkraisri, Vice President


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Non-Violent Communication Coach and Trainer · Designed and delivered a personalized course for managers at Primal to develop emotional intelligence, non-violent communication & coaching skills. Managers also got 1:1 coaching in addition to the group training.

93%  said they have implemented what they learned from the course in their relationships with colleagues.

100% said 1:1 coaching with me was helpful

“What I value most about working with Cat is her ability to deeply understand individual needs while aligning them with our organizational goals. She left us with is a robust emotional intelligence framework that has been important in the growth of our team's interpersonal skills and overall well-being." - Mark McDowell, CEO

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Emotional Regulation Trainer · A course for managing burn-out & becoming emotional regulated while petitioning and campaigning for change. In collaboration with The Self Investigation.

80% rated the course 9/10 or higher

“Defining each emotion, and what they feel like in the body was was helpful. I loved the saying "your emotions don't define you"- Training participant

Soho House | Bangkok


Deep Talk Facilitator · “Small Talk to Real Talk” is a bi-monthly workshop series to help members communicate their way to more meaningful relating. Each meetup’s theme is based on what is present for the community.

100% of participants felt safe to share vulnerably

Everyone learned something new about how to hold real talk


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Coach and Trainer ·  A course for journalists to understand emotions and how to regulate fear, anger and hopelessness when covering news today. In collaboration with The Self Investigation.

80% rated the course 9/10 or higher


Wellbeing Lead & Retreat Host · Designed wellness experiences for guests to connect with themselves, nature, and community. Rooral hosts remote work experiences in rural villages in Spain.

100% of participants rated Rooral a 9 out of 10.

94% reported feeling more inspired and creative.

 “Can't think of a team of people I would more whole heartedly recommend to anyone that wants to redefine their journey and take care of themselves, their community and the environment.” - Steffi



 Emotional Wellbeing Facilitator · A workshop for managers to manage anxiety and stress. Learning how to regulate their nervous system as they face challenges and change in the leadership team. 

“I personally still feel in my bubble super relaxed and energized after the session" - Carla Vela, Team Manager 

European Union | The Break Fellowship


Soulful Entrepreneurship Mentor · A work retreat and fellowship program funded by the European Union to build an international network of women entrepreneurs. Mentoring on topics like authentic brand storytelling, finding "business code", refining services, soulful selling, conflict resolution for teams, and strengthening self-worth.

100% rated the mentoring 96/100

YPO Next Generation


“Design Your Life” Facilitator · a workshop for young leaders at Young President’s Organization’s Next Generation community. The goal was to expand their dreams and purpose beyond expectations and approval.

Dusit Thani Hotels and Resorts

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Wellness Consultant and Video Host · Created in-room wellness videos for guests based on brand's philosophy. Watch the videos here.



Reiki & Yin Yoga Workshop Facilitator · Hosted a workshop and demonstration on energy healing, as well as a yin yoga session at the festival.

Soho house

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