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My story

I am passionate about getting to the bottom of things, to help you see patterns that are holding you back, and giving you grounded steps to shift your reality.


I am gifted with the ability to read energy and hear the unspoken, for it is in the whispers of your soul that profound healing begins.


It all started with my grandfather, a Thai shaman, who initiated me into the mystical realms of energies. Through chants, wafts of smoky incense, and devoted meditation, he bestowed upon me the wisdom to perceive truths beyond the tangible. I always saw him as a guardian of truth; unaware that he was awakening the dormant wisdom nestled within my own being.

At the tender age of 22, life brought me to my knees with a series of transformative moments—a heart-wrenching breakup, a profound sense of purposelessness, and an overwhelming feeling of invisibility within my close circle. 


During this rock-bottom moment, I heard a gentle whisper, "this is it, this is it, this is it."

Its clarity urged me to pause, listen, and recognize that the time had come for me to step into my power. I dedicated a year to go within and my own intuitive psychic abilities opened up to me; my connection to source reawakened.

My experience has taught me how to support others through their journey as they find their way back home to themselves.

If we allow it, our emotional discomfort and pain can serve a greater purpose leading us on the path of self-evolution. 

As I embraced these newborn facets of myself, the world around me realigned itself, responding to the transformative shift within. 

In this rebirth, my relationships underwent profound changes. Some washed away, while others beckoned to be reconstructed on firmer foundations. 

We are not meant to walk this journey alone; the people we orbit have the potential to ignite profound healing within us.


This is why I created "Mending and Weaving", to help people to explore the depths of their inner worlds, coming to peace with understanding their feelings, and extend this healing outwardly to cultivate intentional and conscious relationships rooted in their values and needs.

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my philosophy

My philosophy


My experience

I integrate ancient healing wisdom traditions and incorporate my family's gifts and wisdom in my offerings. My training includes:

Co-Active Coach, Art-Soma Advanced Training for Coaches, Trauma and Somatics for Practitioners, Reiki Master Teacher, Vinyasa Yoga 200 RYT, Yin Yoga 100 RYT, Wat Po Thai Massage 30 hrs, B.A. in Journalism and Anthropology from Boston University.


I am grateful for my family, partner, friends, teachers, and mentors who have guided me to my path and continue to support me as I live out my dharma.

You can read more about my past projects and collaborations here.

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