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About me

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My story

It all started with my grandfather, a Thai shaman, who taught me to see into the world of energies. Sounds of chanting, wafts of smoky incense, devotion to meditation, he ​​opened up a world of mysticism, spirituality and ceremony to me.

I always saw my grandpa as a holder of truth; holding the answers to my uncertainties. Little did I know he was really showing me how to access all the wisdom that was already within me. 


The year I turned 22 brought on many knee softening moments. A culmination of a breakup, feeling lost with my purpose, and feeling unseen by my close circle.

I realized that I had been working against the natural flow of my life. I was always fighting to make something work, breaking down walls to make things happen. I was not listening to my inner wisdom to guide me.

In my rock-bottom moment, I heard a voice that whispered "this is it, this is it, this is it." It was so clear that I stopped, listened, and acknowledged that this was it: the time for me to step into my power.


I dedicated a year to go within and my own intuitive psychic abilities opened up to me; my connection to source reawakened.


My experience has taught me how to support others through their experiences, their deepest truths and emotions. I have since been accompanying people on their journeys back home to themselves and hold space for them as they become their own healers.

I integrate ancient healing wisdom traditions and incorporate my family's gifts and wisdom in my holistic healing offerings.



Co-Active Coach, Art-Soma Advanced Training for Coaches, Reiki Master Teacher, Vinyasa Yoga 200 RYT, Yin Yoga 100 RYT, Wat Po Thai Massage 30 hrs, B.A. in Journalism and Anthropology from Boston University.



I am grateful for my family, teachers, and mentors who have guided me to my path and continue to support me as I live out my dharma.

My offer


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