"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." - The Bhagavad Gita

Y I N   Y O G A 

This is a soft and meditative practice of long-held floor-based postures aimed to help us  relax and get deeper into our bodies. 

When we hold postures in stillness, we allow our bodies and minds to slow down. Yin activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which allows us to return to a relaxed and calm state. 


Relaxing in poses helps us to target our deep connective tissues and fascia, where we hold our unprocessed emotions.

Chinese Meridians and Chakras

Ancient wisdom provides us with energetic maps that run along our bodies. Meridians and Chakras are channels and energy points that circulate Qi or life force.


When these energy points are out of balance, we may feel 

anxious, worried, fearful, sad and angry. 

In balance, we feel love, grounded, surrender, and trust.

We use different postures in Yin to help target certain meridians and chakras to help regulate energy flow in our bodies and allow us to release emotional and physical tensions.


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5:30 - 6:30 PM

Private Classes

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Patom Organic Living


4 classes for ฿2,400

฿800 drop-in

"I recommend Cat’s yin yoga class to anyone looking for a gentle, heart-opening session in a breathtaking natural environment. Cat was so warm, and checked in personally with everyone before and after class. She gave easy-to-understand guidance with tips on how to go further into each pose if you wished to. I loved her balance of speaking (instructions, inspirational quotes, encouragement) and silence. As a beginner to this style of yoga, I felt very welcomed. The entire session had a calm, content, meditative feel to it that left me feeling relaxed and grounded. "

— Kat Lynn, Canada