"Time with Cat was a beautiful journey of self rediscovery"- Nuj


Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can pay monthly. 2 sessions per month is the minimum.

What other resources do I get access to in the package?

A bonus 2-hour Masterclass on how you can recconect with your emotions and access to the Daily Emotional Cleanse Membership, where you will find 11 self-healing meditations and 4 yin yoga class recordings​​.

How can I start working with you?

If you would like to book 1 session, you can choose the Healing Starter option. Fill out all your details and prefered date and time for your session. If you are intersted in coaching packages with me, please schedule a complimentary discovery call to see if we are a good fit :)

Who are these sessions most beneficial to?

This is for anyone who would like connect with their feelings, understand their emotions, and transform their lives. I work with womxn who want to find their truth and to start walking their authentic paths. These sessions are for you if you are ready to do the self-loving that comes with deep metamorphosis.

What tools do you use in your sessions?

Coaching sessions with me are holistic. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Co-Active & Art-Soma Coach, and Yoga teacher, so I bring all my knowledge on how emotions can affect us mentally, phsyically and spiritually. I bring vizualizations, art, creative movement, and deep questions while holding you to the bigger vision that you have for yourself.

Do you still teach Reiki?

Yes. If you would like more information on the different levels of Reiki, feel free to read more here. If you are interested to learn Reiki please fill out this application. .

Why should I work with an emotional well-being coach?

Our emotional well-being plays an important role in our holistic health. Emotions are "energy in motion" and our mental health and physical health can be deeply influenced by the energy that is stored in our bodies. Having emotions is what makes us human. Too often in modern life, we overlook the importance of feeling our feelings, listening to what they tell us, and releasing it. To work with an emotional well-being coach is to become conscious of your feelings so that they can provide you with valuable information. Using this wisdom to make choices in your life will bring you to your authentic path and life purpose.

What are the benefits of using art and movement?

Art makes the unseen, seen. Sometimes we are stuck in the stories that we tell ourselves. Getting into your hearts and letting our hands express what is happening within us can be revealing. You can watch more about the role of art in our spirital practice.

schedule a complimentary 30 min. call