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Release to Receive
7 Week Yin Yoga Journey


We’ve all been there, the feeling of being overwhelmed or stuck in an uncomfortable emotion: anger, irritation, stress, anxiety, sadness, fear, etc...


Have you ever wondered how you can move through it with grace and acceptance?


I invite you to continue and deepen the practice of self healing and connecting with yourself.


With this yin yoga journey, you will learn about the Chinese Meridians and how Yin Yoga poses can help release these heavy emotions and open you up to receive joy in just 8 weeks.

What's included?



1-year access to recorded sessions that you can return to anytime.



Visualizations paired with deep questions to move you forward in your healing.

Yin Yoga Weekly Schedule

Wellness Coach

Week 1: The Voice Within

What is your inner voice saying? Is she a perfectionist? Does she fill you with self doubt? We will listen with compassion to fully understand her needs.


Week 2: Healthy Boundaries

We feel stressed and anxious when we are easily influenced and stimulated by the energy around us. In this session we will explore how to hold our light wherever we are.


Week 3: Letting Anger Arise

Like fire, anger carries so much energy that we can channel it into transformation and growth. Learn how to access its strength with a sense of purpose.

Week 4: Release Resentment

This is a mysterious and subtle emotion that is driven by bitterness or the feeling of being treated unfairly. We will learn how to invite the more shadowy aspects of ourselves out to play.


Week 5: Opening to love

Living from a heart-centered place aligns us with clarity and truth. It allows us to live out our days with light and confidence. A beautiful practice awaits.

Yoga at Home

Week 6: Receiving Joy 

When our hearts are open we attract joy. How do we keep this portal open so that peace and calm flows through us daily?


Week 7: Guided by Intuition

All this work calls for a restorative practice of yoga nidra. This deep rest allows your subconscious mind to catch up with everything that you have awakened thus far.

What will you learn?

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✔️ Chinese Meridians and their emotional          qualities.

✔️ How to release emotions in the physical          body.

✔️ How to observe uncomfortable emotions        while feeling safe in your body.


"Like bathing in love, kindness, and optimism."

— Jen, Thailand

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COST: €440

10% of sales will go towards a woman entrepreneur impacted by COVID-19. To read more about who we donated to check out the blog.

*monthly payment plan available

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