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"I can now hear and trust my intuition so clearly that one of my drawings from Cat's art therapy session came to life!" - Emmy


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"She got me out my head and into my heart."

— Kim, "Coming Home" Coaching Client

"I connected with Cat following a painful breakup. Cat firmly yet so gently held up a mirror to the heavy emotions I had been trying to avoid.  She got me out my head and into my heart, where the breakthroughs began. Cat has a skillful, sincere way of asking all the right questions and guiding me towards the answers that have always laid deep within me. Through our work together, concepts of “self-love”, “self-worth” and “self-trust” ceased to be mere concepts but real, tangible experiences. She taught me how to actually feel my feelings; embodying them continues to be a daily practice with its natural ups and downs, one I know not to judge but compassionately allow and embrace—thanks to Cat."

Watch Kim's journey to finding self-worth.


"My life now abundantly flows in love."

— Mika, "Coming Home" Coaching Client

"I jumped into this journey feeling like a shattered pot with so much broken pieces and session after session we find gold that glues these pieces together and slowly formed into the treasure that I believe I have become now!” 

Watch Mika's journey to becoming love.


 "One of my drawings from Cat's art therapy session came to life!"

— Emmy, "Coming Home" Coaching Client

Before I met Cat, I was running on a decade-long marathon of seeking self-worth externally. I became obsessed with the idea of being "perfect", but no matter how hard I tried, it was never enough. I always felt like I wasn't good enough, smart enough or pretty enough. Not until I started working with Cat did I realise and honestly believe that my self-worth was within me all along. Through Cat's guidance of my journey home, I can now hear my internal voices cleary as external voices fade away. I can now hear and trust my intuition so clearly that one of my drawings from Cat's art therapy session came to life. It has been an incredible journey towards living my truth and I have Cat to thank for the tools and space she has given me this past year.

Watch Emmy's journey to finding self-love.

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"“Top class human being, coach and teacher”"

— Poonpha, "Coming Home" Coaching Client

Cat has this unique ability to hold safe space for others, providing just the right amount of comfort and challenge to guide me. Her gentleness, calmness and intuition are also remarkable. Thanks to Cat and her gifts, I learnt to accept and embrace different parts of myself, streamline my life and most importantly to be more confident and trusting in my path. Through a combination of energy work, movement, art and coaching, my learning has been clear, vivid and refreshing. As her Reiki student and coachee, I get to witness what it is like to embody what one teaches and practices, which is an inspiring and eye-opening experience for me. Grateful to have learnt and embarked on this self-discovery and healing journey with such a talented, authentic, and caring coach and teacher. 


"I walked away from my experience with clarity and an immense amount of love and trust."

— Sarah, Healing Starter

"I've been fortunate enough to have met and worked with many healers over the last several years, and I can assure you that Cat truly is sharing her natural gift with the world.  Upon first meeting Cat, I felt her calming presence and knew that I was in good hands. My session was very intense, the most intense Reiki session I've ever had...and yet her innate ability to hold space for people is truly maternal and loving.  I walked away from my experience with clarity and an immense amount of love and trust in both myself, and in the natural flow of how my life will grow and evolve.”


"I am still amazed by the energy and creativity that comes through our sessions."

— Kahleng, "Living in Alignment" Coaching Client

"I found Cat at a time in my life when I was burnt out, grieving and feeling out-of-sync with myself and where I was in my life. Through our 1:1 sessions together and the Reiki Level 1 course, Cat had ever so gently yet firmly guided me on a journey of acceptance, discovery, healing and hope - I felt safe, respected while also being held accountable, and am still amazed by the energy and creativity that comes through in our time together. I look forward to continuing this joyous journey together with Cat.


"Cat reminded me that the power is always within us."

— Nuj, "Coming Home" Coaching Client

“Time with Cat was a beautiful journey of self rediscovery. Cat reminded me that the power is always within us. Her energy is light and open, which makes me feel at ease to be who I am. I feel grounded and happy more than ever and I'm truly grateful for this experience.”


"Being able to paint my feelings and emotions was very liberating."

— Mar, Healing Starter

“Cat has an extraordinary ability to make you feel at home so you can open up safely and connect with your emotions. With her guidance, I found the clarity I needed to move forward with several issues in my life that were previously stuck. Since I was little I thought I wasn’t able to draw and I was a bit skeptical when I started the session. However, being able to paint my feelings and emotions was very liberating. It allowed me to express with colors and forms what I wasn’t able to put in words. It was so powerful: what was happening inside revealed itself, visually, so I could finally understand and then, start to heal.”


"Insightful and elevating experience that connected me with my higher self."

— Sandy, "Coming Home" Coaching Client

Cat helped me unpack and explore my emotions. We worked on moving closer to the path of life I wanted to live in. Her articulation and creative approaches to coaching made this experience a very practical, inspiring, and enjoyable experience that I highly recommend."


"A coach who embodies what she teaches and goes beyond theory"

— Pam, "Coming Home" Coaching Client

Cat holds space and relates from her real experiences of how we evolve through our emotions. She practices what she teaches and it shows in how she holds space during our sessions. Her intuitive questions go right to the point of the problem.


"Cat helped me to understand myself better as a person."

— Sara, "Coming Home" Coaching Client

She helped me understand myself better as a person, how I relate to others and how to manage my emotions better. I would recommend coaching to others because it's a good way to solve problems at its roots, through understanding yourself better.


"She is loving, intuitive and empowering"

— Annie, Healing Starter

"As a yoga teacher, I give a lot of energy and Cat's session has really helped replenish me. She is loving, intuitive and empowering. I highly recommend Cat to anyone who is looking for deep healing & rejuvenating energy work."


"These sessions helped light up a new kind of energy inside of me."

— Pond, "Coming Home" Coaching Client

My coaching journey with Cat showed me a new aspect of inner strength. She guided me through the realization of a deeper meaning of gratitude, connecting and listening to your heart during the low moments in your life. These sessions helped light up a new kind of energy inside of me, enabling myself to stay calm, positive, and having the mental strength to overcome new barriers when my mental and physical health needs it the most.


"I can't reccomend Cat enough."

— Anna, Healing Starter

"Cat is incredibly thorough and carefully nurtured my thoughts and feelings during our session. Afterwards, I truly felt lighter and happier with a transformed outlook on my current situations. I can’t recommend Cat enough."

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"Cat brought awareness to how I can help myself grow."

— Shenna, Healing Starter

The flow of energy through my body and her insights into my state of mind and heart felt very healing and brought my awareness to areas of my mindset and behaviour that I can focus on to help myself grow. Cat has a calm and soulful presense, open and caring, a true healer.


Highly recommend a session with her!

— Anna, Healing Starter

She definitely has a special gift. I am very grateful for this experience and highly recommend a session with her!“

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