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"We're all just walking each other home."

- Ram Dass


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Meet Cat

I'm a holistic healing practitioner and educator with an approach that blends my ancestral gifts with practical and grounded methods to move you forward on your healing journey.

It all starts with the family that I was born into. Growing up in Thailand around my shaman grandpa taught me about the unseen world of energies.


"I connected with Cat following a painful breakup. I came to her repeating all the phrases I thought a “spiritual” person should say: “I’m happy he’s happy. I know this is part of a bigger, better plan. Time heals all wounds.” Cat firmly yet so gently held up a mirror to the heavy emotions I had been trying to avoid. During our sessions, she helped me peel back the layers of denial, of rushing to avoid or “push through” the pain, of unforgiveness—not so much towards my ex, but towards myself. She got me out my head and into my heart, where the breakthroughs began. Cat has a skillful, sincere way of asking all the right questions and guiding me towards the answers that have always laid deep within me. Through our work together, concepts of “self-love”, “self-worth” and “self-trust” ceased to be mere concepts but real, tangible experiences. She taught me how to actually feel my feelings; embodying them continues to be a daily practice with its natural ups and downs, one I know not to judge but compassionately allow and embrace—thanks to Cat."

— Kim


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