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A Healing Community for 2021 ๐Ÿ’ž

hope that this note finds you feeling rested as we start 2021. I wanted to share some thoughts and reflections after the holidays with you. In-between cozy Spanish gatherings, I had some time to process what last year meant to me. When I tried to sum 2020 into one word, "learning" came to mind. Last year, lessons that I thought I had learned and worked through came up again in new forms. Do you know that feeling? ๐Ÿ™„ The rug was pulled from under our feet in 2020, and we have landed on the dust that has been hiding underneath. For some of us, the dirt underneath might take days, weeks, months, even years to clean. When we can no longer sweep things under the rug we have to face what we are confronted with. What are you finding under your rug?๐Ÿงน Here is a FREE self-healing practice for you to quiet your mind. I hope that it brings peace as you clean. Want to do the cleanse with a community? At last month's healing circle, we had members join from all over the world ๐ŸŒ You said that doing self-healing work can be lonely and seeing how someone else can share similar worries, struggles, joys, and hopes can make you feel seen and connected. Connection heals... The next member's healing circle is on Friday 22nd January. You can join us by signing up for The Emotional Cleanse. Make this period of time a part of your growth. Stay grounded and awaken with each lesson that comes. Sending you love from a distance, Cat

m e m b e r 's h e a l i n g c i r c l e I created The Emotional Cleanse Membership for you to self heal as well as connect with other members who may be sharing similar journeys to you. Your journal doesn't have to be the only witness to your process. Join us for 30% off the membership with this code:SELFCARE2021 JOIN THE CIRCLE HERE โ†’

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