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Community Yin Yoga is Back! 🌞

Wow, yesterday my phone reminded me that it has been 2 years since I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in Sri Lanka. I spent the next hour in bed watching videos of us singing kirtans and vibrating in our collective energy. You can watch a short clip of the video on my Instagram. Reflecting back on those memories reminded me of the months following my magical time in Sri Lanka 🌴 Feelings of freedom, creativity, vitality, fear, loneliness, and self-doubt all came up when I knew that the only path forward was unpaved. Our path is unique, our purpose may be individual, but the healing we do is both personal and collective, because none of us are well until all of us are well 🌞 The support from your soul community can bring you back to love when you wander off your path. They are the ones that pull you out of negative self-talk, and they hold you accountable to your vision. This is why it gives me incredible purpose to share these community-focused events with all of you✨ Will you commit to a regular self-care practice together? I am bringing donation yin yoga back and There are also other opportunities for you to connect to a conscious community below. I hope that these inclusive events can support and lift you up as we continue our journey to collectively healing. See you all via Zoom soon 👁️‍🗨️ Love, Cat

j o u r n a l p r o m p t s
  • Where were you 2 years ago?

  • How does looking back at the past 2 years give you perspective on where you are today?

  • What is your vision for the future?

  • Are you currently living in alignment with your intentions?

  • Where would you be a year from now if you don't change? If you do change?

If you would like some support, feel free to schedule a 30 min. complimentary call with me.

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