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April Newsletter | I'm Here for You

w h a t   i s   s h o w i n g   u p   f o r   y o u ? Just like you, I am going though a human experience during these times. When I feel like I'm going down a rabbit-hole of my own emotions, I ask myself: What is this crisis asking of me? Who is it asking me to be? For whom?

In the past 2 weeks, I have been called to my purpose like never before. My 1-year-plan for moving my services online happened in the span of 1 week.

I've been asked to open my arms wider, and hold more of you in my embrace. Our community has reached out for stillness and comfort amidst all the noise and confusion. Whether it be in ourdonation yin classes, private healing/coaching sessions, or group support circles, I am here for you. Because of your trust and support, I have also been able to donate my coaching to a community of underserved youths in Bangkok  🙏

Mother nature knows how to heal herself, and because we are her children, we too are tending to our individual wounds right now. These times, can bring up our most daunting truths and emotions. I have some special offers for all of you this month to help you move forward with your healing.




t o   h e l p   y o u   p r o c e s s I am offering 30-minute heart-to-heart conversations to those who would like some support right now. These sessions are FREE and held on Zoom. Everyone is eligible for 1 session each ❤️ Bring a topic that we can explore and deepen into when we meet.


t o   h e l p   y o u   h e a l What is showing up for you during these times? It may be loneliness, heartbreak, anger, etc... all of this may be brewing and the time we are spending alone at home and sitting with your emotions is the perfect opportunity to heal. I am offering Reiki Distance Healing sessions all over the world right now. Click the button below to reserve a private session with me.

How does it work?  Watch this short video of me explaining what a session looks like.


t o   h e l p   y o u   r e l e a s e

I have decided to offer Yin Yoga every Sundays at 17:30 (Bangkok) 12:30 PM (Paris) by donation to support you during these times. It is one of my highlights of the week to see all your faces from around the world.


t o   h e l p   y o u   g r o w

Although my in-person Reiki courses have been put on hold for the time being. I am continuing to offer opportunities for healers to keep growing their practice.

2 more spotsfor the Heal Yourself Mentorship

Suitable for my Reiki students who want to continue on their journey of self-healing.

1 more spotleft for myAlignment Coaching

Aimed for those who want to awaken to their inner wisdom and walk a path of deep truth, purpose, and love. 


t o   h e l p   y o u   r e l a x MEDITATION - CALMING MUSIC - BLOG POST ON GROUNDING


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