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Creating a Stress-Free Space at Home

By now, most of us are spending all day at home. Some of you may be loving this time all to yourself, and others may find it confining and anxiety-provoking. Creating a relaxing and stress-free space for yourself at home can make a big impact on your mental health during this time.

As I am writing this, we are not yet in a city-wide lockdown in Bangkok, but most of us have decided to self-quarantine to slow down the spread. I broke down a few nights ago. Even if we are healers, therapists, yoga teachers, family, and friends, it is totally ok to not be feeling your best right now. So much is shifting, and for empaths or sensitive people it can feel overwhelming.

I was reminded by my partner yesterday that this is not a race, but a marathon. What is happening now will most likely change the way our society works from now on. It is somewhat of an exciting time to see what this period is revealing to us. As I am catching up with some of you over the past days, I am reminded of how connected we are. We are all in this together.

I wanted to share some tips on how you can create your own home-sanctuary to help with stress management during these times. You can do this to add some mindfulness before going to bed, sit for meditation, or write in your journal.

1) Smell

One of the first things that can completely shift the mood of a room is its smell. If you have candles or essential oils, use them! My favorite essential oils comes from a dear friend's company, Insae. I know how much you love their Meditation oil blend from what you tell me after yin yoga classes! If you don't have access to this right now, cook something delicious. Baking some cookies can also create a warm and cozy environment at home!

2) Lighting

You've probably heard of "mood lighting." How bright a room can completely change the state of your mind. Create a cozy atmosphere by dimming the lights, and lighting some candles. If you want a little more energy and liveliness in your life, draw back the curtains so that your room is flooded with sunlight. Observe how this affects you.

3) Sound

The type of music that you play can affect the energy of a room. Sound is a form of energy after all. If you are looking for calming and healing music, here is a playlist that I use during Reiki healing sessions with clients.

Wishing you all a happy time at home. If you would like to connect during these times, feel free to join the virtual yin yoga class that I will be hosting on Sundays!



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