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Dream or Reality?

Dear ones, On this full moon, I am contemplating the difference between dreams and reality and how often they overlap.  This photo was taken just a few days ago while we were on the road, and decided to take our mattress from our van to sleep in the middle of these lavender fields. That night I had crazy dreams of a rabbit chasing me, and woke up every hour to a sky full of stars. I opened my eyes in the middle of the night and shouted "Woah!" thinking that the stars were raining down on us. Dazed from slipping in and out of sleep, I couldn't tell what was a dream and what was reality... I joined leaders at the Global Shapers  Annual Summit this weekend in asking what dreams we have for the future of our planet and communities. We have all seen how 2020 has exposed systems that are harming the collective, and there's no unseeing it. I shared mindfulness sessions during the summit on how we can lead from love, and it was incredibly touching to know that our future is in the hands of heart-lead humans. The full moon in pisces supports us in imagining and playing. What dreams do you have for yourself,  loved ones, and our world? How far is this from your reality? I invite you to contemplate on this. Your big hopes and dreams are already a part of you.  With love and gratitude, Cat

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