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Connect with Your Emotions Free Workshop

Dear ones, Sometimes I have vivid dreams that stick to me, and they usually come with a clear message. A few weeks ago I had a dream of me sweeping dust out from under a rug onto the clean wooden floor 🧹 I didn't think much about it when I woke up, but now everything is starting to make sense. I started to feel an energy shift this week and I have surrendered to its gentle pace. When I slowed down I realized that I was holding a lot of emotions... all that dust from under the rug. Have you been feeling: 〰️ Anxious 〰️ Angry 〰️ Sad 〰️ Scared 〰️ Confused It's ok to feel all of these emotions. You are not alone ❤️ All this time alone is bringing out a lot for us to feel. The dust is all out from under the rug, and it is a beautiful thing. I mentioned in our Energetics of Emotions talk about how to lean-in to our feelings. Of course, healing is not as pretty as the poetry and quotes that we see about it. My healing this week looked a bit like this:  😭 Confused and ugly crying with my closest friends (via FaceTime) 😔 Giving myself permission to not be "OK" 🤗 Holding myself from a place of compassion and curiosity I am now honoring a different pace of life and allowing myself to be taken care of by my family and dogs, waking up when my body wants to get up, and moving for as long (or as short) as I feel. How timely this all is as I am putting together the ✨"Connect with Your Emotions" Workshop this Saturday May 2nd at 4PM (Bangkok) 11AM (Paris) We will cover: ✔️Connecting with yourself and emotions ✔️How to release your emotions ✔️Understanding your energy centers  ✔️Healing with a guided practice I hope that this workshop will provide you with some tools to help you delve deeper into your own healing. I'll share some more stories with you when we meet! Sending a loving squeeze, Cat

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