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Grounding for Stressful Times

For those of you who are sensitive to energy, it can be an overwhelming time for the senses. Even if you're not reading the news minute-by-minute, you may be picking up on the buzzing vibration of people's worries and fears. It can feel like strange times for all of us, and with so many unknowns of the future, we are all forced to stop and be present.

Be like a tree. Stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your unique natural beauty. Keep growing.

This beautiful quote by Joanne Raptis says so much about these times. What an opportunity for stillness, observation, and surrender. I also wanted to share some tips on how to ground yourself and stay centered during these times. Feel free to share this with friends and family who may need it too.

1) Inhale...Exhale...

This is a grounding breath that will immediately bring you back to your center. Come to a comfortable seated position with a tall spine, and hands facing down on your knees or upper thighs. Take a deep inhale through the nose, fill your belly with air. Exhale through the mouth. Note to not force your mouth into any O-shape when breathing out. Your mouth should be completely relaxed. Allow any sounds or sighs to come with your exhales. Take as many breaths until you start to feel like you have arrived in the present moment.

2) Hold Your Feet

I know that some of you reading this may already be in countries that have announced lock-downs. This may restrict you from walking on the streets, and even being out in nature. Walking barefoot on earth or sand is one of the most grounding and healing practices that we can do for ourselves. What you can also do is a self-healing hand position that we practice in Reiki. Hold on to your feet so that most of your palm and fingers are on the top of your feet, and your thumbs are holding the bottom of your feet. You can do this while lying down or sitting in butterfly position. Our hands and feet have thousands of nerve endings, making them very sensitive to feel tingling, heat, and vibrations. These are some ways that we can feel energy within our bodies. Stay here holding your feet until you feel energy flow, and when it starts to slow down. Set the intention while you are holding your feet to be present.

3) Sound Therapy

Sound and music is another way that we can receive energy healing. I have created a Spotify Grounding playlist for anyone who wants to listen to this during your meditations, showers, and yoga sessions. We play calming music for our four-legged friends at home to keep the mood and vibrations high during these times. It can change the ambiance of a room, try it!

I trust that as conscious beings you understand the power of how your energy and intentions can affect the collective. If anything, we are shown how interconnected we are during these times. Stay centered and let love rule over fear. Be compassionate and hold space for those who seek it.

Love from the warmth of my heart,


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