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3 Ways to Open Your Heart Chakra

We can always choose how the external world affects us, especially with what is going on out there today.

If we follow the news, and drop into the energy of fear, this will surely make us feel overwhelmed, unsettled, and anxious. Sometimes staying in these emotions is all we know how to do when we're in stress. With awareness, we can can rise above this frequency and connect to our hearts to guide us through these times.

Our heart chakra has a powerful energetic field that connects us with greater levels of awareness. When we forget to listen to our hearts we feel uncentered because this is the space where we can connect with our inner wisdom, guidance, and intuition. That's why there are sayings like "let your heart guide you", or "what does your heart say?" When we tap into this inner guidance, we can feel a sense of coming home to ourselves, which can help us make decisions that are aligned with our truths.

Simply placing your hands on your heart can quickly connect you back to yourself.

You can do this anytime and anywhere. To allow yourself a deeper and intentional experience to reflect and connect with your heart energy, find a quiet space where you can do the following exercise:

1. Place your hands on your heart

Lay your hands in the middle of your chest in a way that feels comfortable to you. I like to have both palms connecting to my heart, placing my left hand on my upper chest, and right hand on the center of my chest. Bring all your attention to where your hands are connecting to your heart-space and notice how it feels.

2. Connect with your heart's energy

The heart chakra is an amplifying energy source and it can be quite powerful once you are open to connecting to this space. Take a few minutes to become aware with what you feel. You may feel a variety of sensations from warmth, tingling, emotions, all is possible because we feel energy differently. Leave your hands here for a few minutes until you are able to become present with your heart. If you sense any blocks, allow your hands to stay on your chest until you feel the energy shift.

3. Talk to your heart

Take a few breaths into your heart space. What does the area inside your chest currently look like? Does it take and any shape, color, or texture? As you observe the image that is revealing itself to you, accept it without judging. For example: if the color that you see is black, this may not mean darkness or sadness to you, instead it could be a feeling of openness or surrender. The important thing is to become aware of what it feels like to you.

This is the place from where you can access clarity, compassion, and peace. Once you can relate with your heart space, tap into these emotions. If other emotions arise while your hands are at your heart, be curious and just accept what came up during this time. Feel free to do this whenever you feel like you need to calm yourself, recenter, and come back to your true self.



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