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Dear ones, It's the night of the full moon, my bags are packed, and I'm on¬†the edge of the ladder ready to plunge into the unknown. Tomorrowūü§ě¬†I'll¬†be flying to Spain¬†to be¬†with my partner whom I¬†haven't seen for 6 months!¬†We will be¬†reuniting¬†for our¬†next chapter together and¬†I wanted to share this news with you.¬†¬† 3 years ago, I was¬†calling in a life that allowed me to work with¬†inspiring humans,¬†run¬†my own healing¬†business remotely, and rise¬†in love with those¬†around me. These months of reflection have made me realize that this is becoming a reality. When people ask me how I built my healing¬†business, taught¬†courses all over, ¬†and collaborated with well-being¬†brands and¬†communities,¬†I always share stories of my healing journey. This is because what we¬†attract¬†is¬†a reflection of what is¬†going on¬†inside... and¬†it¬†isn't¬†always love and light¬†‚ú® Sometimes there's¬†more fear and darkness than love and light. Through the years, I've cried tears of¬†grief¬†and I've¬†cried tears of¬†bliss. I did the work to break¬†down walls of limiting beliefs, shine¬†light on my shadows, and love¬†myself through¬†my triggers.¬† Thank you¬†to¬†those who have witnessed¬†both my struggles¬†and my growth¬†ūüíõ No matter where I am on this planet, my priority is to continue¬†to offer my coaching and healing services. I will keep sharing, teaching, and leading with a new¬†openness¬†to adventure,¬†freedom, and creation¬†that comes with this new chapter. My heart is grateful for this community and your¬†trust in me, and I¬†hope that this offers you inspiration as you continue to heal. With love and gratitude, Cat


1-on-1 Coaching We have 1 more spot available for someone who would like to commit to some inner personal work this month. If you are going through a transition during these times and would like a guiding hand to accompany you, you can sign-up for a call with me in the link below.


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