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March Newsletter | Choose Your Medicine

c h o o s e   y o u r   m e d i c i n e

I am writing this having spent the past couple of weeks at Goenka's Vippasana course in Chiang Mai, and on Koh Samui where I offered Reiki sessions to yin yoga teachers-in-training. Many of you have asked about how my meditation retreat went, and I am still processing it all. Objectively, I learned a meditation technique that was based on how it is believed Buddha achieved enlightenment. Emotionally, I am still questioning how much I resonate with the whole experience. It made me think of this quote by one of my favorite authors: "When a problem is disturbing you, don't ask, "What should I do about it?" Ask, "What part of me is being disturbed by this?" Michael A. Singer The part of me that was shaken by this experience was the part of me that experienced shame and guilt when I was told that healing modalities like reiki, hypnotherapy, breath work, and visualization, are "not compatible" with Vipassana. Now this got my attention. It made me curious about their teachings and I had to take some time to reflect on why it made me feel this way. Not only was I told that these methods were not compatible, but also that if I wanted to come back to do another course with them, I would have to promise that I stopped healing and teaching others how to heal themselves with energy. If anything, this questioning period is bringing me a lot of clarity on how I want to communicate and share the healing methods with you. I say, stay curious, be open, and choose your own medicine. I will write more about my experience later this month on my blog. In the meantime, have a grounding March! xx Cat


h e a l i n g   l e t t e r s   b l o g

I have been called to talk about the heart in my classes this week. Our heart chakra has a powerful energetic field that connects us with greater levels of awareness. When we forget to listen to our hearts we feel uncentered because this is the space where we can connect with our inner wisdom, guidance, and intuition. That's why there are sayings like "let your heart guide you", or "what does your heart say?" When we tap into this inner guidance, we can feel a sense of coming home to ourselves, which can help us make decisions that are aligned with our truths. This is simple and can be done in just a few steps, you can read more on my healing letters blog.


2 0 2 0   e u r o p e   c o u r s e s  I will be offering Reiki courses every month this year, and I'm excited to be teaching in Europe this Spring/Summer. Starting off in Helsinki, Paris, Bilbao, and then in Paris again for Reiki 2! I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and share energy healing with people from all backgrounds and cultures. See all course dates here. Private Reiki  Sessions Available: 4 left in Helsinki  6 left in Paris Reserve your session by sending me a message